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What are some British online shopping stores for teens/girls?
Websites that are from Britain for girls/teens, and ship to America?
Teens girls =======?
what is a good way to ask for foundation
what is a good way to get your parents (mom) to ask if you want foundation
without being too obvous
My mom is the EXACT same way w/ me & wearung foundation but all i do is...........whenever we go 2 winn dixie or wal-mart.... I tell her i wanna walk around and i go 2 the makeup counter and get the makeup and rush 2 the counter( this is sooo much easier 2 do @ wal-mart b/c it has a self-checkout) and buy the makeup and then put what u bought in ur purse then throw the bag away i do it ALL the time. I hope this helps.:) I wish u nuthin but luck i know u will look pretty, but if u wanna know some really good makeup hints and trick or even some ideas for what products I suggest Mary Kay( my mom is a mary kay (full time) salesperson:) so use MARY KAY so go 2 marykay.com.
Teens [girls]?
Pwetty pls cooperate im doing a weird survey on Hollywood stars, kay..here comes a biggie, Do you have a crush on...hmm...Jensen Ackles?!
He's smokin... Supernatural show and perfect man... bad boy like no other.
Teens dont you think all girls should wait till they are married?
I mean everytime I turn around some girl is getting pregnant, Look at my 12 year old cousin she is 6 months pregnant, She will be 13 in July but still thats way too young, she will be in 8th grade with a baby, teen girls should just learn how to say NO!

I agree that they should learn how to say no, and Im sorry about your cousin i hope she well still have a great future. But i dont think that you HAVE to wait until ur married, especially these days. Im a teengae girl, and you know what it is so much harder these days to stick with values and commen sense. Theres so much peer pressure everywhere, and sex is just the norm these days. You see billboards with half-naked women advertising something, perhaps a car or a casino. Theres that MTV show, "16 and Pregnant", that show makes it seem like being preganant at a young age is ok and normal. Also, Youtube is great and helpful, but one wrong click and you can end up accidentally watching something that you shouldnt see.

It's also a guy's fault too if a girl gets pregnant, it takes two to have a baby. Teenage guys these days are so perverted. The guys in my school are especially perverted and dont hide it. They look at porn in the bathrooms secretly, they spread dirty jokes, they do this thing where if a girl is walkin past them they move their hand in a way so that it looks as if thy slapped her butt, and lots more. There are some good guys too though.

So all in all, the modern world today is changing and I think its changing for the worst. There is just so much bad influence around us that it just makes it all the harder for teenage girls to do the right thing. They are at their most vulnerable stage of life, when they are still figuring out everything and learning who they are. Teenage girls these days just hav to get stronger values, and better common sense. Hope i helped!
Do girls in japan mostly already not virgin when they are teens?
i heard that teen girls in japan mostly having sex before they are married
some of them do it when in junior and senior high
is this true?
is it the culture of japan that allowe it?
my friend told me that u can have sex even u just engaged not married
no matter how old r u
is this true?
Some are virgins, others are not.

my friend told me that u can have sex even u just engaged not married
no matter how old r u
is this true?
To a degree, true.
Teens why are teen girls shopping at victorias secret?
victoria secret is for older girls not teens, teen girls should be buying their drawers at a walmart or target

I couldn't disagree more. Some teenage girls have developed faster than others. Victorias Secret offers larger brassier sizes than Walmart or Target does. Victorias Secret also has more comfortable brassieres than other places. Not all their underwear are sexual either. They have very teen appropriate clothing. However, i do understand where you are coming from because some teen girls abuse their body's to dress inappropriately using these sexually appealing clothes. But it is not correct to make assumptions that they should shop at Walmart or Target.
Whats the latest Trends for teens- question for girls to answer?
Hey does anybody know 'whats in' for teen girls this winter

oh and question 2 : wot could you wear with blue footless tights
The clothing that is always in is generally what you like wearing. Fashion and most trends are over rated and become out dated quickly.

To answer your second questions, probably the trendy ballet flats, mini-shirt and tunic top to go with it. Don't forget your trendy chunky, oversized jewelry. *vomit*
What is an inexpensive girls/teens clothing store?
What is an inexpensive girls/teens clothing store? I like aeropostale and american eagle, but what else is there? please give me everything you can think of. I'm a size 12 in old navy and mostly everything and in aeropostale im an X-small or a 00.

forever 21 and pacsun are cute!
What are some good site for older girls, teens and Young adult girls?
What are some good site for older girls, teens and Young adult girls?
depends on what games you want to play.
is great for all ages its got zombie, horror, action, sports, adventure, funny, girl, skill, arcade, card, shooting, board, strategy, bike, flying, car, and puzzle games.
I need design ideas bedrooms and bedding for both young girls and teens with examples of pictures for example?
I need of design ideas that whimsical, fun, and hip for a 10 yrs old girl and young teen girls. I also need a website THAT CAN GIVE ME DECORATING DECORATING IDEAS with pictures. Please NO forums or articles. NEED PAINTING IDEAS, BEDDINGS AND LIGHTING ?
lots of decorating ideas, bedroom pictures and cool decor

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