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All Comments

Why do people think all nudists are swingers?
For every 20 nudist resorts, only 2 or 3 of those are "swinger operations". The rest of them don't allow it. How many times do we have to tell people that it's not about seducing people? (We are social nudists)
People have a misconception about nudism because they equate nudity with sex. They think nudists are promiscuous. The next time someone says that just kindly correct them.
Are there any swingers clubs or Nudist beaches in Bali ( Indonesia)?
does anyone knows about any swingers clubs or naked beaches in Bali (Indonesia) ?
Yes. There's actually a lot there.
Are nudists swingers?
Establishment nudists are quick to say that Nudism has nothing to do with sex. But outsiders are convinced that nudist clubs are just fronts for swingers and that their activities consist mainly or ongoing sexual orgies. I have visited nudist clubs enough to know that the truth is somewhere between these two extremes. Has anyone had experiences at nudist clubs which would support the belief that they are swingers?
The answer is absolutely NO. Matter of fact even most swingers clubs don't have orgies as you would expect.

Get your mind out of the gutter...there are guys, grandparents and other family members that attend nudist group events so unless they allow pedophiles, I think you watch too much TV.
Why are most swingers or nudists unattractive people?
I mean there are a small % who are decent looking but 98% are NOT....well?
I can't speak to the issue of swingers, but one of the key elements of nudism is the concept of "body acceptance." You learn that your own body is not hideous regardless of what issues you may think you have with it, and you learn to accept other peoples' bodies, too.
Should you be clothed when on a nudist beach?
At a nudist resort, owner Tony Fox said a "mini-riot" erupted when four naked female guests protested when confronted by a fully-clothed man.…
If the resort is fully-billed as a nudist resort, it does seem a bit rude for tourists to stroll around fully-clothed just to "gawk." There are several clothing optional beaches where people can enjoy being nude, but are well aware that there may be fully clothed participants on the beach as well, but in an area that is specifically designated for nudists, one should "do as in Rome" or not go at all.
Swingers and nudists, what kind of cross over between the two groups do you think exists?
Lazy curiosity makes me ask this. Do you think a higher proportion of swingers are also nudists and vice versa?
As nudists aren't looking for sexual gratification through not wearing clothes but the purpose of swinging is to have sex then there is bound to be some who share in both, though I would suggest there would be a greater number of those who swing who are comfortable enough with being naked, than people who are naked who are looking for alternate sexual partners or to be watched.
Nudists and swingers at war in France's 'Naked City' - Which side do you come down on?
"Traditional" French nudists in a town on the Languedoc coast are locked in battle with a new wave of naturists who advocate free sex and partner-swapping.



Swingers have been giving nudists a bad name for decades.
Nudists and swingers are NOT the same as many believe.

Nudism is a family friendly, guy-safe environment. If it were not, my wife and I would NOT be nudists.

Swingers often invade nudist areas and expose guyren to a sexual environment that guyren should never be around.
I think its disgusting.
Can anyone help me find places to just be naked in the state of ohio nudist camps swinger clubs ext thank you?
looking to relax naked in the state of ohio nudist camps swingers clubs ext any help would be nice thank you love that free feeling
Your own home?
How would you feel if your friend announced that they are a Christian Nudist?
When I say nudist, I mean someone who enjoys skinny dipping, going to nude beaches and resorts. I don't mean some who is a swinger or attempts to have sex in public.
I'd assume that he'd studied the Bible and had a better understanding than the average person who claims to be a Christian today.
If you are a nudist, but your spouse is a swinger, who should...? calling the shots while in Cap d'Agde, France?

I think I have to go with the swingers here.

After all, every time I go camping the bites from insects are a problem and nudity
may present some issues I do not wish to deal with.

Although a few well placed allergic reactions might lead to some additional swelling.

HEY ACE, now THERE's an idea for Ya......................................…

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