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Can she get pregnant this way?
I have a friend who is trying to trap a guy, but that is a different story. Anywayz, she is telling me what she is going to do to get pregnant by this guy. She says once he "does it" in the condom she will get one of them medicine squirter things and get the "***" out then squirt it inside her. She swears up and down it will work, but im not so sure it will. So can she get pregnant this way?
Ok I'll ignore the first very unethical part since that isn't your question... And no, that will not work. Open air kills sperm and it would die before she could inject herself. For the spermicide thing someone mentioned, that isn't necessarily true. Some condoms are made with spermicide but unless they say that on the box they probably aren't...

Anyhow, the answer to this would be no, no no.
Question For Female Squirter?
I am a Female, and well this is more of a question for other female squiters, or maybe men who have or had previous partners that were squirters..Well me and my fiance just have moved in together and as anyother average "honeymoon stage couple" we tend to be more sexual active. Just because we have more time together and the fact that we live under the same roof and bed. Before moving intogether he knew a was a squirter. When i first found out i could squirt it was amazing my orgasims felt much more meaningful. And i knew how rare it was, lets say in away i was proud of myself. I have learned to control it. My partner can tell when Im about to release my vaginal walls contract I begin to become more " wet" and then well i ejaculate. I can *** multiple times. We both enjoy it, the sensation, and it arrouses him and keeps him satisfied. Its been about 3 years since i have found out i can squirt. Issue now is that even though i can control it is becoming to get on my nerves, the feeling is still great. But having to hold it and not having an orgasim sucks. Why hold? well Its not fun getting up inbetween sex to change sheets every approx 15 mins. Its not fun anymore soaking the bed. We have an extra room and have talked about using it to have our intimate moments. But just doesnt sound right. We shouldnt have to leave whatever area were in during heat to go into a room just to have sex. and after sex skip the cuddling, hugging, kissing, to go into our own bed to relax. I guess lets just say inaway i have become self conscious about it.. He does not mind at all. He enjoys it.And the only reason he suggested the other room was because he knows Im self conscious about it. So there is no problem with my boyfriend. Keeps me satisfied and i keep him satisfied. He enjoys my squirting. Is there anyone out there that were self conscious about it? Have you overcame you being self conscious it,if so how? Any tips? How i can feel better about it? Any tips on how not to soak the bed anymore?(I have tried laying extra blankets,and towels, underneath us. But tends to leep leaking through) Is there anyway i dont squirt anymore? i doubt it, but doesnt hurt asking. Every orgasim i have had included me squirting, i dont squirt no orgasim.So just asking if theres anyone out there that felt this way before and how did you handle it?
There is no way to stop squirting...but embrace it! This is an awesome thing!!
Are all womans ejaculations squirting?
The only time I've squirted was when done by myself and a vinrator. My husband always wants me to ***, but he made a comment in the beginning of our marraige about "squirters" and almost made it seem like it was weird and their are two different kinds of famale ejaculation. So I never let myself get that far. I'm embarressed. And we've been married a year ha and I'm expecting a baby feb.11. Help?!
I never do that it just gets really hot and wet and throbs alot and when my husband takes his pennis out it has my white *** on it but dont worry about it i think it fine i dont think you should feel worried about what your husband will think he will be happy just to make you *** and feel good dont hold back cuz you feel weird i have a baby wit my huby and im comfy around him after 7years lol just *** youll feel alot better and so will he he wont mind trust me
Good Girl..........Bad Girl?
I have been in a relationship with a good girl for two years now. Its been a great two years and she's the sweetest thing in the world......but sometimes thats the problem for me. U see, before i met her i had this girl that my mother hated, she had an attitude, she was beautiful and we had the absolute best sex EVER! OMG i mean the sex was sooo good words cant even describe, but we both loved sex soo much we cheated on eachother all the time and finally broke up. And friend now. She's sweet and I know wouldn't never cheat on me because she's not too big on sex. She's not a sexual person, I mean we do it but its just not the same as with my ex. I'm a nympho, I love love love sex and sometimes her not being into it like me bothers me and makes me wanna call my ex, but i dont wanna do that to such a sweet person u know? I mean, its even hard to make her *** and I never had that problem b-4. My ex used to *** at least 8 times b-4 i did AND she was a squirter i mean superwet (sigh)
if all you want is sex then i guess you will never be happy with this girl and you should move on. but if this girl means more to you than a night of passion then you are just going to have to except that this is as good as it will get
Crazy chick (or am i crazy)?
that is a redundant question i guess. So I met this girl and she is really cute and whatever we're both 24 so anyway she is so incredibly horny for me (i'm a pretty hot looking guy) and I just got off the phone with her and this is how the conversation went: her - so I want you to *** in me when we have sex but I'm not on birth control... me - are you guyding?!! her - it's ok, I work at a hospital I can get the morning after pill. me- i am pretty paranoid about stuff like that, i dunno... her- (this is where she starts masturbating over the phone, making hot noises, etc... asking me if she can *** on my you know what.... then she climaxes on the phone.... it was really very nice sounding, i've never had a girl do that on the phone like that for me b4) ok so when i meet up with her tommorow she will be pretty adamant about me ejaculating insider her and I will be pretty against it... although i might be seduced into trusting her that she will get the morning after pill from the hospital she works at the very next day. am I an idiot or what? p.s. please be honest. p.p.s this girl is really, really hot and i have pics to prove it. (oh yea apparently she's a squirter since she told me that's what happened during her orgasm)
i wouldnt trust her.. mayb she jus wants to have your guy since your so "hot" make sure she takes the pill 1st!! and make sure u witness it cause she can b lyin wen she say she is on the pill
Ewh! thats nasty?
I got this one chick in my stable that is a "squirter". When we 1st started having sex I thought she just had multiple orgazims. However, We have gotten comfortable enough to start giving each other oral pleasure, and while we are in a 69 position, (Im doing my thang) (She doing hers) She stops because I got her she about to *** and shooooowh! All in my face. I got upset for a minute cuz I thought she pissed on me. I asked her like money mike on friday after next " N***a did you pee on me?" Has this ever happen to any of you or have any of you ladies ever did this.
I feel you, playa!

Samething happen to me, my girl came on me while 69in' and a flood of white ish poured out on me... I was like WTF, but then she explained and let me nut on her face like in a porno movie!!! Best night of my life!

(Update: I like it now, when she squirts on my face!)
Why do I sometimes poop a little when I orgasm?
I've been having sex for almost 10 years but just had my first orgasm in January with my current boyfriend. Of course I can get myself off during masturbation but until then, never during sex. Come to find out, I'm a squirter. These continuous orgasms are so intense, that at times I can hardly move when I'm done. Then it started a few months ago. We had sex, both came, and then realized that I pooped a little. I was absolutely mortified but he assured me that it was no big deal. I've read that the muscles used to *** are closely related to the muscles used while using the restroom. It happens quite often now and I'm curious as to how many women this actually happens to. Any answers?
Be sure to use the toilet and empty your bladder and bowel before having sex. Maybe if you have been having Anal sex it would have weakened the muscles in your rectum. You could be so relaxed when you are orgasm that you are actually pushing as if you were to strain on the toilet. If you are concerned about this you should see your doctor. You might try Anal douching as a solution to pooping whilst having vaginal sex (see the link below)
Female ejaculation or pee?
I am a little confused, almost every time i have penetrative sex I end up gushing a large amount of liquid,the amount of it makes me think its something other than female ejaculation,Sometimes it has a faint smell or urine but most of the time it is odorless which confuses me more. (when i'm on top my partner gets soaked) its usually following a lot of Gspot and clitoral stimulation at the same time.
Also, When i'm desperate for a pee, it seems to put pressure on my Gspot which arouses me so much that I put off going to the toilet. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
the gushing usually happens just before I climax which is a problem because as soon as it happens my boyfriend orgasms,leaving me with very little time to ***.
I don't have any urine (stress incontinence) this only happens during sex. i need to know whether i have a problem or i'm just a massive squirter. any advice would be great.
It sounds like you just ejaculate. You can easily tell the difference between urinating and ejaculating during sex. You should try using the bathroom immediately before having sex so your bladder will be empty, that way you won't feel the need to urinate.
I'm a squirter and......?
I had sex with his guy the other day for the first time and I think I caught him off guard when I squirted. We had sex like 5 times because he kept wanting me to do it again and after a while I was drained and could not *** anymore. So the next day he started asking me questions on how I did that because he has never in is life had anyone do that to him. I told him that its just something that I can do I don't know how I just can do it. Females would it bother you if someone was fascinated with your ability to squirt? Guys would you prefers someone who can squirt or is there really no preference. Guys ask me all time about how I do that but not like this guy it was like a guy getting his first nut I guess he was freaked out and excited all at the same time. I am really good at what I do and have been known to soak up a bed but I guess thats how it goes. Please respond
makes no diff to me he prolly never saw a female orgasm before or made a female ejak so give him a gold star for a ok job

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