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Do you know of any good gay teen books to read (preferably male to male)?
I have been really engrossed in gay teen literature. I know it's a small budding genre and I have a lot of the big ones. Do you know of any more that are not on this list? Also I'd prefer heavily religious ones to be left out.

So far I have
The Geography Club
Boy meets boy
Totally Joe
Tale of Two summers
Phantom World

Any other suggestions people? I'm compiling a list of books to get.
Well.. i don't know any books on those but you can always try mangas. Yaoi seems more of what you'd look for but its not much of literaturee and its rather..visual. Hope it helps :]
Can hormonal changes during teen years temporarily affect the taste buds?
Making some everyday foods taste different/not nice?
Can anyone give me a good answer about a troubled teen?
My nephew (who is going to be 18 next month) has a drinking problem. Everytime he drinks, he gets very, very miserable and starts fights. He has been under age drinking for about 1 year and has so far been in Police custody at least 3-4 times. He lives with his mom (who is a single mom) and he lies to her. His dad has had nothing to do with him since about age six and has a drug problem. My nephew and his very pretty girlfriend of 1 year broke up earlier this spring. He has been kicked out of high school. He is a budding hockey star but all of his problems are getting him nowhere. I have recommended counselling to his mom and I just recently learned that he has even lied to the counsellor! What kind of a person is a compulsive liar?
The mom needs to step up to the plate and take charge. If you know he's lying I am sure she does to. I am not trying to disrespect her, its just sometimes parents refuse to see the problems there guyren have. A trained counselor will know when he is lying, is he attending a therpist in general or one that specializes in drug and/or alcohol abuse. He really needs one that specialies in alcohol. Perhaps you and the mom can go to some Al-Anon meetings, then she will know what she is looking for.
don't give up, todays guyren need more people like you to look after and care about them
How do you keep guys from being disrespectful in the teen years?
What do you do when your guy reaches the age where they say things to you like, "Shut up" and "Get out of here"? If they are saying this as teenagers, is it too late to nip this in the bud?
lots of groundings
How would i sell a lingerie item?
i have an assessment this thursday and there will be a role play activity where i will be expected to sell one of their items.

i have only ever had assistance with lingerie when i was a budding teen and ever since then i've always had to help myself in the cheap places.

but ill be working for selfridges and i know they thrive on their first class customer service skills, but i cant think how they would approach a customer about lingerie!
Approach the customer like you would your best friend! Try and remember that you have been the customer plenty of times, so think about a few expectations you have from them. For example, start with a smile and open up with a "how are you today" or "Hi my name is...." The fact is people like to feel helped but not smothered when shopping. Good luck with everything and never be scared of a customer!
What is a good girl teen film to watch?
Me and my best bud are really bored and are wondering what film we could watch. anything like comedy or chick-flickk would be awesome
any help?
never been kissed-
P.S. I love you-
She's all that-
Leap year-
Maid in Manhattan-
The proposal -
2 weeks notice-
in her shoes-
Georgia Rule-
Confessions of a shopaholic-
27 dresses-
to be fat like me -
bride wars-
pretty woman-
miss congeniality -
10 things I hate about you-
How to lose a guy in 10 days-
princess bride-10
he's just not that into you-
valentines day -
the ugly truth -
50 first dates-
save the last dance
dirty dancing-
the break up
mean girls
the sisterhood of the travelling pants
the princess diaries
legally blond
shes the man
what a girl wants
uptown girls
13 going on 30
the wedding singer
sydney white
saving silverman
ghosts of girlfriends past
If you were admitted to a mental hospitle as a teen?
i am 18 now, when i was 14 my mom had me admitted to a mental hospitle. she lied and said i made a terroristic threat. i forgave her and stayed for less then a week before being discharged. they diagnosed me with depression, can i still join the military? my bud said absolutely not.. havnt been able to get down to the recruiting office.
It is easier to get a waiver when something like that happened when you were a minor. You would have to give disclosure to it and they would look at your medical history...and then you may have a psych eval by a military doctor.

It is a process and there is no definite answer for you. It will take you a bit longer than someone who had not been in a mental hospital, but it doesn't mean that you will be bared for life. Too many other things will have to be considered.

The best you can do is speak with a recruiter. They have the up-to-date regulations and have the resources to see. Your friends don't really know, they are taking a guess...and so are most of the people on YA guessing.

I was a Navy Corpsman and worked in the medical field. You would be surprised at who gets in and who doesn't. It really is a case by case thing and two people with the same problem will be handled different...because the way the problem was handled will be different.

So if you want to join talk with a recruiter. You may have to speak with different recruiters (Army and Navy or Air Force) because each branch is a little different. Sometimes one branch will be more willing to work with you than another one will...and even that changes from time to time.
Does anyone know a writer of teen (fantasy) romance novels/short-stories?
Hey guys & girls,

If you write these stories (or even if it's a work in progress) I'd love to hear from you. Even if you haven't written anything like this but would be interested to give it a try, let me know as I'd love to read them. Similarly if you have any friends who are budding writers in this category, please let me know.
The fire within - Chris D'Lacey
His Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman
Wrinkle in Time - Madeline L'Engle
Septimus Heap - Angie Sage
Inkheart - Cornelia Funke
Sabriel - Garth Nix

Dark Side of the Moon - Sheryl Kenyon
Endymion Spring - Matthew Shelton
A good camcorder and green screen package?
It's my brithday soon and I was trying to think of what camcorder I would like. I originally planned to get the Creation Station package of a camcorder and green screen but read that this camcorder is not very good.
I am simply a teen budding filmmaker who wants to post on YouTube, so have any of you got ideas of camcorder packages which include a green screen that would be good?
I have absolutely no idea, so anything idea will be greatly appreciated.

Hey, happy birthday to you! I found this site www.imagepostal.com/ with camcorder reviews and tip and tricks to utilise the use of a camcorder.
So, I just found some bud in my teen's room.?
He's 19, living here since he can't afford local college and rent (he's moving come september.)
I've already had 'the talk' with him, but I'm curious how other people would handle it.'
'Kids' - how do you think your parents would react to a similar situation? How would you like them to react?
Just curious...

And BTW, I'm in recovery, so my reaction wasn't totally positive.
He knows what it's about, and you do too. It's not like you're going to teach him something new, as you might have tried to do when he was ten.
Now it's time to just tell him how you feel. Tell him it bothers you, and why, and tell him you don't want him doiing it in your house. That's reasonable.
Tell him how it feels to be in recovery and find that. It's rather sabotaging, from your point of view., If he says it never occured to him to think of you when he brought it in, point out to him that he just said that thinking of you never occured to him.
This is more about consideration than DARE lessons at this age.

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