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Where can i find amateur models for my portfolio work?
Where can i find amateur models for my portfolio work? I can pay the models for the sit time but not as much since I am a beginning photographer in Mountain View, California.
Craigslist is a great place. Just be sure to give them a copy for their portfolio - they'll do it for free as long as they get a copy of the photo for themselves. And any money you can offer them I'm sure would be appreciated.
What website can I go on to find amateur models for my softcore adult site?
I am looking for amateur models for my new softcore porn site. Model Mayhem says they do not allow companies to go in there to "recruit" girls. One model Place is kind of lame and doesn't have much talent in my area, same with craigslist. Is there anywhere else I can go to find "natural and good looking" talent.
Try they offer premade content, it's not unique though. You could try recruit cam girls. . . doubt they'll be in your area. You can always run an add in the local paper.
Are there any amateur models willing to help me with my digital photography?
I am an amateur photographer in Dorset and need models to develope some portraiture ideas
This is always a problem for amateur photographers, the nudge nudge, wink wink factor. The majority of photographers, even if they want to shoot glamour or nude portraits, are treated with scorn thanks to the add one who uses a camera as an excuse to get their kicks. one way of gaining a little respectability is to join a local camera club. They normally have portrait evenings, which whilst not being on a one to one basis, does give you access to models. If they like your work they will be more willing to pose for you on a regular basis
How to hire amateur models for adult films?
hello I am interested in making an adult online website.
my goal is to first obtain the content original amateur content. how do i go about hiring models? with out getting in trouble for soliciting prostitution. would i have to do the model talent release? how could i do this? and since i would be the male actor in the movies is this possible?
could i post ads but since i am not a company yet would it be legal?
Best to talk to someone in the business. Write to the companies out there and they should give you some advice. And if you need a hand with the ladies do let me know!
Is there a standard photogrphy release for amateur models?
I'm considering doing some photo series and making them into calendars for Etsy or local bazzars. Is there a boilerplate/standard release for models out on the internet that's straightforward and light on legalise?
There are commercial releases you will need signed for what you.want to do, no matter what the status of the model is (amateur or pro). If thy are under the age of majority (18 in the States), a parent must both sign the release and be present during the shoot.

ASMP has a sample model release you can use as a guide.
Whats the best way to find amateur models for photo work ?
Still learning techniques of photographing people and would like to find some amateur folks for practicing
Look for new models wanting some practice on a TFP/TFCD (time for prints / time for CD) basis.
Are there any competitions for amateur models?
are there any competitions where people could participate as models?
International ones.

P.S. something like, you send photos, then vote and win. or judges chose who wins...
P.P.S. like Benetton's "It's my time" for example.
Yes. It is called getting a job or trying out for Miss Illinois by going for homecoming queen or Miss Upper Chillicothee
Where to find amateur models in Manila, Philippines?
Is there a website where amateur models from Philippines can advertise? I'm looking but cannot find any so far. Any other tips for getting in touch with amateur models in Philippines (either Manila or Cagayan De Oro)?
Just take out your camera and about a thousand will appear in the front of you.
How much do amateur catalogue models get paid?
only people who actually know the answer please...i just want to know roughly how much per job? thanks
We do have a local store with several locations that creates a seasonal catalog.

Last I knew (about 2 years ago) they were soliciting everyday people rather than full time professional models.

At that time their rate was $50/hour for shoot time.

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